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I had a hypnotherapy session with Jane because I was troubled by a particular experience and had a lot of anxiety. The session really helped me deal with the experience and I felt so much relief afterward and a deep sense of peace. I had suffered so much anxiety and nothing including prescribed medication could relieve me like just one session with Jane did.


I have seen Jane as a hypnotherapy therapist a number of times and I always felt very comfortable and safe with Jane as she spoke from the heart as well as having tremendous knowledge and experience. After my hypnotherapy session I felt truly lightened of my grief after losing my youngest daughter to cancer.

I also felt I had a better understanding of our spiritual aspect of my life.


My Hypnotherapy session with Jane was the most profound and healing experiences of my life. The session was gentle, calm, incredibly respectful and time was not an issue. It was a privilege to spend time with Jane.


I have had a wonderful and very successful hypnosis experience with Jane in regard to stopping smoking. I found Jane to warm, welcoming and very caring in her approach to the hypnosis. I would recommend if you are going to have hypnosis that you contact Jane to help you. Thank you Jane for helping me.


Hypnotherapy is often approached with trepidation - I know my first visit to Jane Jacobs - my first experience of hypnotherapy - caused me great apprehension in the weeks and days leading up to it. Awaiting the unknown event allowed my imagination to run wild and by the time my appointment arrived - I was quite terrified. What a waste of energy it was to be so scared - Jane's professional and tender nurturing relaxed me quickly and I was able to leave my fear behind. Hypnotherapy is not a party trick, where you are coerced to do things against your will, instead it is a form of relaxation where you have full control but you are enabled to access your deeper thoughts. Hypnotherapy with Jane Jacobs enabled me to access forgotten knowledge and helped me find my way. Sometimes finding the appropriate awareness was simple, other-times it took more contemplation to really understand. With Jane's circumspect analysis, clarity came and the next step became obvious.

If you have any desire to learn about yourself or any aspiration to find your path, I highly recommend you experience hypnotherapy with Jane. I thoroughly enjoy working with her.


I went to visit Jane because I was feeling ‘stuck’ emotionally, and was experiencing headaches and fatigue which I could find no physical reason for. I did three sessions with Jane, over an extended amount of time, and each time provided me with valuable insight into underlying emotional traumas which were blocking my ‘flow’. Jane’s gentle and caring nature was perfect for facilitating me in doing my own healing, under her loving guidance. I was amazed at how the hypnosis sessions taught me to tap into my inner wisdom/voice, and in learning that technique from Jane, it set me on a path to do regular home meditation. My previous attempts at meditation were always a bit clumsy and unsure, but after experiencing the hypnosis, I felt really able to easily and quickly tap back into that inner voice whenever I need to. I have Jane to thank for putting me back in touch with that voice.


What a beautiful and sincere soul Jane is. The connection and empathy she imparted allowed me to feel safe and loved throughout my session. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jane.


Going into the session I was a little apprehensive but Jane quickly put my mind at ease by taking time to explain the process and answer any questions I had. She gently guided me through the Quantum Consciousness session and facilitated with skill, respect and a gentleness that left me feeling nurtured and supported. It was quite an emotional experience for me, but one that I found highly beneficial both in gaining a better understanding of the process but more importantly it allowed me the opportunity to spend time with other versions of myself both in this lifetime and others. I found it incredibly therapeutic and it allowed me wonderful glimpses into the realms of other dimensions. The recording of the session was also very beneficial and appreciated.


I am so thankful to Jane for the unconditional support, assistance and insight that she gave in my hypnotherapy session.

Jane's kind and gentle nature put me at ease and helped me to feel comfortable.

I felt that I was able to speak freely and I would not be judged. I felt very safe and also that Jane genuinely had concern for me and really wanted to help me.

Jane is a loving, authentic, ethical person with a great deal of integrity. She only wants the best for her clients. She is genuine and speaks to the truth - helping me to challenge my current thinking and to find my own truth.

I also really liked the fact that I was able to ask as many questions as I wanted about the process prior to actually even making an appointment. Jane was always patient and happy to answer my questions and kept reminding me that the choice to undergo hypnotherapy was ALWAYS up to me. She was never pushy.


I’ve had the fortune of being hypnotized by Jane for a number of different issues. Immediately I was in her company I felt completely relaxed and at ease. Our sessions were truly a life changing experience and I left feeling free and over time continued to make great personal progress. Jane is truly an angel.


From the moment I stepped into Jane's tranquil space, I felt held within such a sacred energy. Jane's gentle and supportive manner filled me with the trust and knowing that this session would allow me to release, heal and gain wisdom. And this is exactly what occurred. It was profound. I continue to feel free and joyful, able to continue my life's journey having transcended a pattern that had been with me my whole life to that point. Jane is one of those unique Therapists who truly walks her talk, holds deep empathy and tranquility and is brilliant in her practice.


My Quantum Consciousness session with Jane took me on an amazing journey into realms of my consciousness I have never experienced before. It is truly difficult to describe the feeling of joy and enlightenment of meeting aspects of myself previously unknown. As a facilitator I don't believe Jane has an equal and her skill is unmistakable....... and my session with her was a gift to my soul.


One of the things that commends your approach to hypnotherapy for me - is - that you make it clear that you do not believe it is necessary to come for "endless" sessions to achieve change . I feel that my session with Jane was an important "milestone " in my spiritual development and the benefits are continuing.


I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jane (and have done so many times!) for her amazing work with hypnotherapy sessions. I have had several sessions with her, including LBL & regressions, and found the results to be really illuminating.

She is a very gentle practitioner, perfectly suited to this work, providing gentle nudges when needed & allowing valuable insight through her sessions. She is quite unique and has incredible empathy towards others, offering a very skilled session to those lucky enough to have a booking with her.


My Lives Between Lives experience with Jane was unlike anything I've ever done. Jane provided a safe, tranquil space in which to explore. I was able to move into a space of understanding about myself as a being rather than a 'human being'. I left the session feeling empowered, at peace and pleased to have truly met myself. Jane is a trustworthy, respectful and very experienced guide that I have recommended many times and I look forward to another session with her in the future.


Jane is an amazing counsellor and hypnotherapist, she is able to open and hold a space where anything is possible. Her compassion and belief in others empower, enabling change and healing becomes real. Her deep wisdom comforts and enlightens. Most highly recommended!


I have no hesitation in recommending Jane as a hypnotherapist and counselor. Her approach is both professional and caring and she genuinely holds the clients best interests at heart. During the sessions with Jane I felt completely safe and held in the therapeutic space she created. I have had many personal breakthroughs and insights through my experiences with Jane and for that I am truly grateful.